Abrupt visit by Kim Jong-un of North Korea to China 2018/3/29

China news agency announced North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited China from March 25th for 4 days. He had a meeting with Xi Jinping and also had a dinner together with their wives.

It was Kim’s first visit to China.


It is reported that in recent years these two nations could not communicate smoothly and could not rely on each others. Therefore this sudden and abrupt visit was a kind of surprise.

However when we look around the world calmly, above was predictable happening by upset North Korean dictator.


Japanese Prime Minister Abe has been trying hard to explain and convince world leaders of importance of severe sanctions and heavy pressure on North Korea to abandon development of nuclear weapon.

Especially Abe talked and telephoned with President Trump frequently and US president seems to agree fully with Prime Minister Abe’s policy how to materialize denuclearization in Korean Peninsula.


Probably Kim got to know Trump’s firm commitment toward denuclearization including possible military action.

Taking opportunity of Olympic, Kim suddenly changed his attitude toward South Korea and also proposed a meeting with US.


Trump accepted to have direct meeting with Kim with the condition of denuclearization.

At the same time trump appointed Ponpeio for Secretary of States and continuously Bolton for Assistant of President. Both are well known hardliners against North Korea.


Kim was cornered to know Trump’s firm determination toward North Korea and he run into China for help without any dignity and honor.

It is clear success of Abe diplomacy.


We will see what will happen in coming months.