Massive Paris march 2015/01/12

Up to 1.6 million people marched through Paris to mourn 17 victims by recent terrorist attacks. They showed their solid resolution to unite beyond differences and fight against terrorism.

It is a historical event to have such a massive march including many political leaders of different races and religions.


Moreover, for us Japanese, it is really remarkable to prepare and fulfill a historical huge rally in such a short period as just several days after the attacks.


By the way, in Japan we have 2 millions mid and long term foreign residues among total 125 million population. As the figures show, the foreign residues ratio is smaller than 2 % which is far lower in comparison with European leading countries, Germany, U.K., France whose ratios are much higher than 10%.


Japan is surrounded by sea and historically has been the country of self sufficiency.  Exceptionally we had a colony in Korean peninsula around 4-5 centuries and also in Taiwan, Korea in early 20th century.  However, Japan basically did not invade other countries and was not invaded by others.

We have been enjoying stable and peaceful society and it is probably closely connected with a small ratio of foreign residues.


It is recent years’ tendency to lower the barrier of human international movement and people urge their governments to take such a policy.


We always warmly welcome those foreigners who want to stay in Japan with the deep affection for Japanese history, culture and society. However I am against the policy of urging emigration. Each country should respect her own history and culture and try her best to keep her individuality.