Washington city beyond enmity 2015/03/13

After Boston, we visited Washington, the capital of U.S.A.  To my surprise, the majority of citizens of this city is African- American. I learnt another surprise that there are around 9000 beggars out of total 600,000 citizens, therefore I saw them at every corner of the city including the inside of a church.

The city was constructed as a grid shape and even foreigners can find the goal easily.

The height of a building is regulated and the city presents sophisticated atmosphere in harmony.

We could enjoy tremendous valuable historical goods and precious arts from all over the world at Smithsonian museum and National Gallery of Art without any admission fee. We were astonished by the volume and preciousness of exhibits, at the same time we were deeply disappointed by the attitude of guardians of exhibition rooms who kept chatting loudly with colleagues ignoring visitors.


We visited Arlington National Cemetery which was constructed by the Potomac River and also by the old residence of General R.E.Lee in American Civil War. The river was the border between the North and the South during the war.

Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia State which belonged to the South is now connected with Washington Monument in Washington which belonged to the North by the bridge over the Potomac. We could see Washington Monument clearly from the top of Arlington National Cemetery.

2008_0110_160938-CIMG1177 Washington Memorial from Arlington National Cemetery