New York the busiest city in the world 2015/03/15

We went to New York to see our daughter who lives in an apartment house in Manhattan. We stayed there five nights and took top quality cuisines of Greek, Italian, Mexican, Oyster bar and also Sushi.

When we visited Greek restaurant, they displayed fresh live fishes inside a glass show case and served excellent dishes cooked as per our request.

We enjoyed the taste very much but at the same time we were satisfied to find the word “sashimi” in their menu to stand for quality fresh fish.

“sashimi” is Japanese which means fresh raw fish. Few decades ago, there were many foreigners who would not take “sashimi”, however it seems  “sashimi” becomes nowadays  favorite popular taste among the world.


One night we enjoyed Mamma Mia at Broad Way. The theater was full and was entirely filled with a heated atmosphere. We could not understand English pronunciation fully, however we are familiar with ABBA’s songs in the musical and we were moved and got excited.


We stayed at the hotel which is located at 15 minute’s walking distance from The Times Square. Therefore I visited the square several times on foot to watch people there. It was busy from morning till night, especially in Saturday evening it was so crowded and heated that I could not walk freely. It seems more than 90 % of crowds gathered from outside N.Y.  It is obvious these incoming powers from outside the city make N.Y. the most exciting city in the world.

By the way, The Times Square itself is messy place and not so attractive except the boiling heat from incoming crowds which tells the importance of publicity.

It seems smart publicity and powerful American messages make The Times Square the busiest place in the world.

Just another typical Friday afternoon in Times Square...