Commemorate day of the war dead 2015/8/15

Japanese government accepted Potsdam Declaration and Japanese Army surrendered against allied forces of United nations on August 15th in 1945.

70 years has passed since then, and the number of people is getting fewer and fewer year by year, who actually fought the war or run from U.S. air raid to another raid.

Every year we hold solemn Commemorate ceremonies at various places such as shrines and temples all over the country on this day.

Japan lost 2,300 thousand soldiers and 800 thousand citizens during the World War second which used to be called as Greater Eat Asian War in Japan.

Japan lost only 415 soldiers in World War first which was fought mainly in Europe. Japan lost only around 120 thousand even in Japan Russian War (1904-1905)  on which Japan staked countries fate.

In comparison with those wars, the number of casualties in World War second was tremendously higher by digits. And it was the first defeat in Japanese history. The impact of the war was so heavy that Japan has not recovered from the defeat in some fields even though 70 years has passed. Many Japanese lost their confidence in historical irreplaceable values from traditional views.

Japan has restored a society and strong healthy economy, however it is regret there is tendency to ignore or treat valuable history and traditional cultures as less important.

Japan has to try their best to maintain traditional cultures with strong confidence which leads to secure a diversity of world cultures.

Emperor and Empress at a memorial ceremony for the war dead.