Five years after devastating Tsunami 2016/3/11

Five years has passed since a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck off the northeast coast, triggering a massive tsunami that claimed more than 18,000 lives.

The disaster led to a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which will take 30 or 40 years to decommission, and wiped out towns farther up the northeastern coast of Japan.

Today, these towns, economically depressed and with declining populations、 are struggling to rebuild and recover. About 180,000 people remain displaced, with more than a third of them living in temporary housing.

People remember the dead and at the same time are convinced again with the magnitude of the disaster.

All cities and towns alongside of seacoast suffered from huge damages and losses, however there is one town that did not have any casualty except one unfounded.

It is Fudai town in Iwate prefecture. The town repeatedly suffered from huge damages by Tsunami in the past, and the ex- mayor who stayed at his position for 40 years, led the town people with indomitable will and finally completed a massive breakwater alongside the coast to protect the whole town, in despite of strong resist against huge building cost.

It was not easy job to convince people to prepare for the worst when they were enjoying peaceful life. The strong will and responsibility finally saved the town and 3000 village people from the last disaster.


Disasters comeback when people forget the past disaster and it’s damage. Fudai town is a living textbook of the teaching.