Brexit         2016/07/09

Great Britain chose to leave EU.

It was said that one of the main reasons to leave is an immigration issue.

Many laborers are afraid of losing their jobs to cheap immigrants. Moreover, affluent immigrants occupy cities and towns and cause various kinds of troubles with old inhabitants.

There is no doubt that an immigration issue had heavy impact on their decision, however more basically they chose to leave because they wished to regain sovereignty of UK from EU. In other word, they chose nationalism rather than globalism.


On the other hand, in USA Mr. Trump will obtain the nomination of Republican Party for Presidential race, while Mr. Sanders fought well in Democratic Party’s nomination race.

Both candidates emphasize national interests rather than global interests and appeal anti-financial capitalism.


It seems the movement of nationalism and anti- financial capitalism are prevailing world wide.


I believe it is the right direction toward peaceful and stable world.

It is most important to respect the difference between nations in their own historical cultures and values of each nation and province.

It is not the right way to standardize the whole world by a simple rule of globalism which sometime gives indulgences to strong powers’ exploitation from the weak.


Japanese economy has been suffering more than 20 years from deflation and low growth rate by various composite reasons.  However, the main reason of recent poor performance of Japanese economy is that managements of Japanese companies were forced to change the way of company management from their historical own methods to western style under the pressure of globalism.


Not only Great Britain but also Japan should respect their national interests and historical values against globalism.