Turkey is in great danger! 2016/07/30

There have been a lot of mysterious happenings in Turkey recently.

Last November Russian military plane, which was attacking IS troops in bordering area between Turkey-Syria, was shot down by Turkish air force.

The background of this questionable happening is still not clear, however calm reaction by leaders of both nations restrained this happening from leading to a hot war between Russia and Turkey.

Turkey has been relatively safe and orderly area in Middle East, however from around this happening onward, there have been terrorist attacks consecutively and finally a great disaster happened at Istanbul airport in last June.

Then on July 16th, military coup was attempted and failed, leaving 200 casualties.

President Erdogan firmly crackdown coup plotters and detained around 20,000 officers and others. Both USA and Europe Union just gave simple condolences to casualties of the coup but have been concerning more about President Erdogan’s firm crackdown as decisive, mandatory and anti-democratic.

World media also does not report the coup itself or details of sacrifice but is eagerly accusing of crackdown as anti democratic.


Turkey has been consistently pro-Japanese nation. In 1890 they sent a battleship Ertugrul to Japan mainly for training purpose but unfortunately she encountered typhoon and sank near Japanese coast with 600 casualties. However, residents in that area saved 69 Turkish soldiers in spite of extremely bad weather condition. Turkish people have been thanking fully for this brave and sincere deed for more than 100 years.

In return Turkish government saved 200 Japanese who were left behind in Teheran without any method of exodus during Iran-Iraq war in 1985.

Moreover most Turkish people still remember the Japanese historic victory against Russian navy in 1905 which was the first victory of Asian power against any European empire.


President Erdogan has been trying hard to regain safe and united Middle East and recently closely work together with Russian President Putin to solve Syrian confusion. President Erdogan also works together with an Israel leader for stable Middle East.

It seems there are some powers who do not want stable and orderly Middle East. Turkey has been under strong pressure and continuous intervention from those powers. I wish Turkey will resolutely stride for stable and united Middle East with warm understanding of their own national histories and cultures. We have to pay careful attention on Turkish movement.

ertugrul-exhibition Battleship Ertugrul