North Korea’s nuclear test 2016/09/10

North Korea announced their 5th nuclear test on September 9th.

The reclusive, hostile nation has been rushing to perfect missiles that are small, fast, light and surprisingly advanced, according to analysts and military officials.

“They’ve greatly increased the tempo of their testing in a way, showing off their capabilities。“

This isn’t something that can be ignored anymore. However what can we do actually?


Under Japan‐the U.S. Security Treaty, Japan has been trying hard to build up defense ability against North Korea’s missile tipped with a nuclear warhead. Nevertheless it is becoming more and more difficult to defense ourselves against Korea’s advancing military power.

Meantime, the United Nations declared economic sanctions in last May, however China would not stop trading with North Korea and it is not likely Korea will be cornered by the U N resolution.


By the way, Japan has not concluded Peace Treaty with Russia, although more than 70 years have passed since the end of world war second. It is mainly because of Soviet Union’s brutal invasion, between  August 28th to September 5th in 1945, to Manchuria and Kuril, Sakhalin islands after Japanese government accepted Potsdam declaration and Japanese army disarmed and surrendered.

Soviet Union illegally detained 600-700 thousands Japanese young soldiers and citizens to Siberia and forced them to work for several years under severest circumstances with 60-70 thousands casualties. Moreover they illegally invaded north islands and occupied until now.

Japanese still clearly remember these incidents and both nations have to present some wisdom to overcome these huge obstacles and reach to peace treaty.

It is not easy road but recently both leaders, namely Prime Minister Abe and President Putin frequently meet and discuss how to overcome. They met in Vladivostok on September 2nd and Putin promised to visit Japan in coming December. There is growing anticipation for ground breaking progress in peace treaty which presents dramatic change in military and political stability in East Asia.

Demis-kurils-russian_names four northern islands in dispute